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jQuery in 15 minutes

by simon-willison





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A short introduction to jQuery.
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  • 1. jQuery in 15 minutes Torchbox, 7th August 2007
  • 2. What makes jQuery interesting? • Built around CSS selectors • Well behaved• Doesn’t hijack your global namespace• Plays well with other libraries • API designed with conciseness and convenience as the driving factors
  • 3. The jQuery() functionjQuery('div#intro h2') jQuery('div.section > p') jQuery('input:radio') $('div#intro h2')
  • 4. jQuery collections • $('div.section') returns a jQuery collection • You can call methods on it: $('div.section').size() = no. of matched elements $('div.section').each(function(div) { // Manipulate the div }
  • 5. Manipulating collections • Most jQuery methods operate on all of the matched elements in the collection $('div.section').addClass('highlighted') $('').attr('src', '/default.png'); $('').html('<em>Click me now!</em>'); $('p:odd').css('background-color', '#ccc');
  • 6. Grabbing values • Some methods return results from the first matched element var height = $('div#intro').height(); var src = $('').attr('src'); var lastP = $('p:last').html()
  • 7. Traversing the DOM • jQuery provides enhanced methods for traversing the DOM $('div.section').next() $('div.section').prev() $('div.section').prev('a') $('div.section').parent() $('div.section').parents()
  • 8. Handling events • jQuery provides methods for assigning event handlers to elements in a cross-browser way $('a').click(function(ev) {$(this).css({backgroundColor: 'orange'});ev.preventDefault(); });
  • 9. Going unobtrusive$(document).ready(function() {alert('The DOM is ready!'); }); $(function() { alert('This is a shortcut') });
  • 10. Chaining• Most jQuery methods return another jQuery object - often one representing the same collection. This means you can chain methods together: $('div.section').hide().addClass('gone');
  • 11. Crazy chaining $('form#login')// hide all the labels inside the form with the 'optional' class.find('label.optional').hide().end()// add a red border to any password fields in the form .find('input:password').css('border', '1px solid red').end()// add a submit handler to the form .submit(function(){ return confirm('Are you sure you want to submit?'); }); From
  • 12. Ajax • jQuery has excellent support for Ajax $('div#intro').load('/some/file.html');• More advanced methods include: $.get(url, params, callback) $.post(url, params, callback) $.getJSON(url, params, callback) $.getScript(url, callback)
  • 13. Plugins • jQuery is extensible through plugins, which can add new methods to the jQuery object • Form: better form manipulation • Dimensions: lots of browser measurements • Interface: fancy effects, accordions • UI: drag and drop, and more
  • 14. Further reading • - official site • - useful API reference
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