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... - What is a B2B VIP Customer Influencer Marketing and how does it work?

by c-dillstrom





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  • - What is a B2B VIP Customer Influencer Marketing and how does it work? I have read about B2C Influencer Marketing where celebrities like the Kardashians mention or recommend certain brands for the money on social media. The sales results of such campaigns have been amazing. To learn more about Influencer Marketing I asked some time ago about it from a global growth hacker Christian Dillstrom whom I have interviewed a few times in past. To my surprise, he said there is also a B2B Influencer Marketing. He has been doing it for few years globally and that it has a much bigger effect than B2C Influencer marketing. Christian told me that he is doing three different types of B2B Influencer Marketing: Investor/VC, B2B VIP Customer and Media/Blogger. I am going to make an interview of each these three types and this is a B2B VIP Customer one. What is B2B VIP Customer Influencer Marketing? It is a very effective way to make a wanted group of B2B VIP Customers aware offering of your startup or company. After all, the biggest problem is that not enough customers know enough about your business or not at all. VIP customer influencer marketing will truly change that!
  • How does B2B VIP Customer Influencer Marketing happen? Others might do it another way, but I will generate together with you an interview article introducing offering of your startup or company. That article will act as a long sales pitch of your business and I shall publish it in LinkedIn for my 18 million monthly business readers. After publishing your article, I shall invite all the B2B VIP customers you want to comment on it. Sorry, why would B2B VIP Customers read that article? That is the key - I am the most read business authors in the world on LinkedIn with my 18 million monthly readers. Also, my LinkedIn profile is the most visited marketing person's profile in the world and I am one of the most experienced global growth hackers in the world. Therefore, I got very high and global B2B credibility and as a result, when I approach and ask business decision makers to comment article about your offering, very few of them will not read the article. Why would this work when all the B2B decision makers will not comment? That is because commenting does not make any difference as long as most of the wanted B2B VIP customers will read the interview article. Once they have read the article, they can take the action required to contact the business if they are interested to learn more. Of course every published comment will make the interview article even more convincing and interesting, but its effect is not based on that. Why publish article on LinkedIn? Why not just email the content of the article? LinkedIn is the social media of business professionals with 467 million users in 200 countries. It is also the most strict social media as it has the most capable security department - funny business is not possible for very long in LinkedIn. Therefore, when LinkedIn says an article has 2.5 million readers, it is a credible statement and people believe the content of such article many times more to a content of non- popular article. I have over 18 million business readers every month, and my readers are always hungry to read more of my articles. As a result, interview article will receive at least 2.5 million readers as my English language articles always do. That will generate additional credibility for the content. Of course, so does my endorsement. Emailing the content does not make the content popular or credible as there is no trusted 3rd party proving that – it is just an email! Why interview format? Simply because readers love to read casual interview format articles, that format is one of the secrets why I have 18 million monthly business readers. Unless the B2B VIP Customers read the article until call-for-action, there is no hope for them to take the wanted action.
  • How many B2B VIP Customers and who picks them? Up to a thousand - I cannot imagine that would not be enough! You will pick the B2B VIP Customers and deliver me the list of them. OK - so you are very credible and invite up to a thousand B2B VIP Customers to read credible article that introduces my offering? Exactly - that will get your offering known and sales flowing if it can get flowing. Do you do B2B VIP Customer Influencer Marketing for any startup or company? Of course not – my reputation and credibility are on line and I have built them over the decades. I am ready to talk with every startup and company to find out if I am ready to endorse them. Why are you doing B2B VIP Customer Influencer Marketing? Very simple because I have seen around the globe a lot of great startups and companies that are really struggling to get their sales increased. That is a big difference to my situation; I am restricting the number of new customers who can talk to me during the business day. Of course, 18 million monthly business readers make my sales quite easy. I think the situation is unfair - I am known and credible and many businesses want to buy my services - and great businesses and startups die because of low sales as potential customers just have no knowledge of them. Are you doing B2B VIP Customer Influencer Marketing for free? Not anymore, as I have learned my lesson that people do not respect anything that is free and I really do not want to waste my time. How can I find out if you will do B2B VIP Customer Influencer Marketing for me or my client? That is very easy – just click here to book a free teleconference with me. So that was my second interview about B2B Influencer Marketing with a global growth hacker. Please stay tuned for one more interview. BACKGROUND Christian Dillstrom is a global growth hacker who has growth-hacked more than 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies over the last seven years. Mr Dillstrom is responsible
  • for over 100 marketing and sales innovations. Over 350 million of his marketing solutions are currently active on the Internet. With 9,000 visitors a week, Christian Dillstrom is one the most popular marketing professionals on Linkedin. Every month, 18 million business people read his Growth Hacking articles at Linkedin Pulse. Click here to read them. Mr Dillstrom has founded and managed three global startups and has evaluated and consulted with over 300 startups around the globe since 1999. To get in touch with Christian Dillstrom, book a free teleconference with him, please click here. LION / Open Networker - Never IDK - every connection request will be accepted. Click here to connect with Mr Dillstrom, and choose "We’ve done business together" option and then select any company. hacker Christian Dillstrom. Please stay tuned for one more interviews.
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