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iCharity Club Slides - English

by icharity-club





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  • iCharity Club www.icharity.club Member-to-Member donation platform. Manage members’ donations in easy and systematic way. Free to use for all. iCharity Club | www.icharity.club http://www.icharity.club/
  • How it works? • Everybody contributes by making donation and everybody earns from donations from others You Donate You Receive iCharity Club | www.icharity.club Each one of these members also will receive donations from their own downlines.
  • Getting started : Register and Donate Receiver• Immediately after you started as a Graded member, you already entitled for USD100 donation. • To start, you only need to donate USD20 to assigned upline. • After your donation approved, you will automatically upgraded to Grade 1. iCharity Club | www.icharity.club
  • Receiving Donations 5 Direct Downlines (Level 1) • At Grade 1 you will able to receive 5 downlines where each will donate USD20 to you. • So your income total now is USD20x5=USD100 • At this point, you should Upgrade to Grade 2 which will able you to receive 25 donations from Level 2 downlines. USD40x5x5=USD1000. iCharity Club | www.icharity.club
  • Grade 2 25 Level 2 Downlines • At Grade 2 you will able to receive donations from both Level 1 and 2 downlines. • Level 2 Downlines will donate USD40 totalling USD1000. (USD40x25) • Continue upgrade to the next Grade to earn from deeper levels of downline. • You can upgrade up to Grade 10 iCharity Club | www.icharity.club
  • Summary of IncomeGrade 10 Grade 9 Grade 8 Grade 7 Grade 6 Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 3 Grade 2 Grade 1 Downline Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Downline Donation Amount (USD) Income (USD) Grade 1 5 20 100 Grade 2 25 40 1,000 Grade 3 125 80 10,000 Grade 4 625 120 75,000 Grade 5 3,125 200 625,000 Grade 6 15,625 300 4,687,500 Grade 7 78,125 400 31,250,000 Grade 8 390,625 800 312,500,000 Grade 9 1,953,125 1,170 2,285,156,250 Grade 10 9,765,625 1,670 16,308,593,750 Maximum Income USD 16,308,593,750 ! Your Grade With just USD20 as your first donation.iCharity Club | www.icharity.club
  • Remember ! When you at higher grade, you can continue receiving donations from lower level downlines. Example : You are at Grade 4, NOT only from Level 4 downlines, but, you can continue receiving donations from Level 1,2,3 and 4 downlines. iCharity Club | www.icharity.club
  • Where are the donators coming from? • Spillover from your upline • System automatically places extra referrals by your upline under you. • Your own promotion • You will get your own referral URL, you can promote this to friends, families etc. in Facebook, Twitter, Email, YouTube Whatsapp, LINE, Wechat, Telegram and any medium you think suitable. • The more you promote the faster and bigger your earning. • Auto-placement / Random • Auto-placement in the system will place a new member without referral under graded member based on random algorithm and social site promotion. iCharity Club | www.icharity.club
  • My downlines not interested in donating? • Do not worry, iCharity Club is only for people that are honest and willing to give first before they can receive. • Free member account will valid for 3 days before expire. This way, the 5 slots always ready for serious member only. • For graded member, Grade 1 to 10, there is no expiry and no subscription fee. Totally free to use the system. iCharity Club | www.icharity.club
  • How I can receive donations? • All donations are direct member to member. • No e-Wallet, Points, Min. withdrawal etc. • You specify your own bank accounts and payment method within your account settings. • You can receive donations via almost every method : • Local bank • PayPal / Credit Card • Skrill • Payza • Neteller • Western Union • BitCoins • and more… iCharity Club | www.icharity.club Local Banks
  • Is this Legal? Is it a Scam? • To answer this, here are some facts about iCharity Club : • Help each other. Sincere donation member-to-member. • No compulsion in donating, if not interested your free account will automatically expire in 3 days. • No 3rd party or intermediary managing your money. • Donation directly to your bank account. • No e-Wallet, point system, minimum withdrawal • No fee at all. Absolutely free to use platform. • Not selling any product or service. Pure donations. • So yes, it is Legal. And not a Scam. iCharity Club | www.icharity.club
  • Join The Club Now ! www.iCharity.club iCharity Club | www.icharity.club iCharity Club How it works? Getting started : Register and Donate Receiving Donations Grade 2 Summary of Income Remember ! Where are the donators coming from? My downlines not interested in donating? How I can receive donations? Is this Legal? Is it a Scam? Join The Club Now !
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