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What's The Best Career Mistake You Ever Made?

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  • Sometimes ‘career mistakes’ aren’t mistakes at all. They can lead to unexpected opportunities.
  • BEST MISTAKE What is the you’ve ever made?
  • LinkedIn Influencers share the mistakes that got them where they are today.
  • “My lesson from my “mistake”? Staying in the pack might have been the safe play, but it wasn’t the right play.” READ MORE Sallie Krawcheck Chair of Ellevate Network and Ellevate Asset Management
  • “Successful people never look backwards with regret. They always look forward.” READ MORE MAYNARD WEBB Chairman, Yahoo!; Former COO, eBay
  • “Our fate is in our hands. Believe in your vision, and your biggest ‘mistake’ can become the best decision of your life.” READ MORE TOBY COSGROVE CEO and President, Cleveland Clinic
  • “Would I be here if I had stuck it out in college for one more year, then went on to get my MBA? Maybe not.” READ MORE RYAN HOLMES CEO at Hootsuite
  • “In the throes of crisis, opportunity will be granted to those that persist.” READ MORE BLANCA TREVINO President and CEO, Softtek
  • “Saying NO immediately because you are awkward or insecure or unsure of the outcome or worried about poking your nose out earns you an immediate F not just on a report card, but in life.” READ MORE ANN HANDLEY Author, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs
  • “The best thing about ideas is that they are like buses – there is always another one coming.” READ MORE RICHARD BRANSON Founder at Virgin Group
  • What’s your best mistake?
  • Click here to tell your story.
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