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10 Team Motivation Killers and How to Fix Them

by weekdonecom



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Download 10 Team Motivation Killers and How to Fix Them


  • Happy team is a productive team. Avoid motivation killers and implement fixes to amend the situations. 10 TEAM MOTIVATION KILLERS HOW TO FIX THEM
  • Not paying your team-members what they’re worth. 26% of Engaged Employees would leave their current job for just a 5% pay increase 1. INADEQUATE REWARDS Fix: Clearly define an open rewards system x% x+5%
  • Not providing an environment that nurtures productivity Open o�ce setups report 62% more sick days 2. AWFUL OFFICE SPACE Fix: Re-think the open o�ce layout
  • Not providing the chance to learn Did you know? Google allows employees spend 20% of time on their own personal projects 3. NO SELF-DEVELOPMENT Fix: Send your team to a fun training M T W T F S S PERSONAL TIME
  • Not letting team-members have a say in anything On average, 39% of workers don’t feel their input is appreciated 4. INEFFICIENT COLLABORATION Fix: Ask a question every now and then. �� �� �
  • Not paying attention on your teams happiness 24% of actively disengaged employees spread negativity to coworkers. 5. NEGATIVE PEOPLE Fix: Measure employee happiness � � � � � �
  • INCREASE YOUR TEAM'S PRODUCTIVITY WITH WEEKDONE � Get real-time status updates � Set and monitor goals � Give feedback and more
  • Not cultivating an open culture Did you know? Warren Bu�ett was rejected by Harvard University. 6. FEAR OF FAILURE Fix: Don’t punish people for their honest mistakes FAILU RE
  • Not setting clearly defined objectives and a focus. 63% of study respondents said that not knowing which work was the priority wasted their time 7. LACK OF CLEAR GOALS Fix: Implement OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results). Learn more: �
  • Fix: Use the PPP (progress, plans, problems) process to get insights Learn more: 38% would rather do unpleasant activities than sit next to their micromanaging boss. Not giving enough freedom to the team 8. MICROMANAGING BOSSES
  • Fix: Use to properly prepare 9. USELESS MEETINGS Not providing an agenda and not sticking the time-schedule Average professional wastes 3,8 hours per week on unproductive meetings
  • Fix: Use smart tools like Weekdone to collaborate with the team Learn more: 12 39 Team is willing to work long hours, if they feel their time is not wasted. 96% of respondents felt they receive unnecessary e-mails that waste their time 10. WASTING YOUR TEAM’S TIME
  • INCREASE YOUR TEAM'S PRODUCTIVITY WITH WEEKDONE � Get real-time status updates � Set and monitor goals � Give feedback and more
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