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by tamara-santos-sedano



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Gracias a Starbucks por cederme las fotos y dejarme ponerlas en mi presentación de power point.
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  • 1.  StarbucksCorporation is an American global coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington.  Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world.
  • 2.  Founding◦ The first Starbucks opened by three partners that met whilestudents at the University of San Francisco.◦ English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegl, andwriter Gordon Bowker◦ From 1971–1976, the first Starbucks was at 2000 Western Avenue.◦ It then moved to 1912 Pike Place Market; it then was neverrelocated.◦ The company only sold roasted coffee and did not yet brew coffeeto sell.◦ During their first year of operation, they purchased green coffeebeans from Peet´s then began buying directly from growers.
  • 3.  Sale and expansión◦ In 1984, the original owners ofStarbucks, led by Jerry Baldwin,took the opportunity to purchasePeets. During the 1980s totalsales of coffee in the USA werefalling,◦ But sales of specialtycoffee increased, forming 10% ofthe market in 1989, compared to3% in 1983.◦ By 1986 the company had 6stores in Seattleand had only justbegun to sell espresso coffee.◦ By 1989 there were 46 storesacross the Northwest andMidwest in 1989 and Starbuckswas roasting over 2,000,000pounds (910,000 kg) of coffee ayear
  • 4.  Expansion to new marketsand products◦ The first Starbucks location outsideNorth America opened in Tokyo,Japan, in 1996.◦ Starbucks entered the U.K. market in1998 with the $83 millionacquisition ofthe then 65-outlet◦ In September 2002, Starbucks openedits first store in Latin America,at Mexico City.◦ In 1999, Starbucks experimented witheateries in the San Francisco Bay area.◦ In October 2002, Starbucks establisheda coffee trading companyin Lausanne, Switzerland.◦ In April 2003, Starbucks completedthe purchase of Seattles BestCoffee and Torrefazione Italia◦ In August 2003, opened in Lima, Peru.◦ In 2007, the company opened in Rusia.◦ In 2008, California, New York andBoston.
  • 5.  Starbucks is primarily known for selling coffee, but alsosells other hot and cold beverages, pastries,sandwiches and other snacks.
  • 6. ◦ Orin C. Smith was President and CEO ofStarbucks from 2001 to 2005.◦ Starbucks chairperson, Howard Schultz, hastalked about making sure growth does notdilute the companys culture and thecommon goal of the companys leadershipto act like a small company.◦ In January 2008, Schultz resumed his rolesas President and CEO after an eight-yearhiatus, replacing Jim Donald who took theposts in 2005 but was asked to step downafter sales slowed in 2007.◦ Analysts believe that Schultz mustdetermine how to contend with highermaterials prices and enhanced competitionfrom lower-price fast food chains,including McDonalds and Dunkin D0onuts.◦ Starbucks announced it will discontinue itswarm breakfast sandwich products,originally intended to launch nationwide in2008, in order to refocus the brand oncoffee, but the sandwiches werereformulated to deal with complaints andthe product line stayed
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