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by jennjshaw



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Gerald, a lonely guy in an uninspiring world, discovers a mysterious red balloon propelling him into a twisted journey forever changing his outlook on friendship and life.

Directed by Jenn Shaw
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  • 1.     Definion:  Without  companions;  lone.  b.  Characterized  by  GERALD aloneness;  solitary.  2.  Unfrequented  by  people;  desolate:   a  lonely  crossroads.         Directed by: Jenn Shaw
  • 2. INTRO  Dear Supporters:GERALD is a superb short narrtive written by the talented RosarioPellerito. I read the script in late 2010 and our team worked for over a yearto make sure this short film was developed, financed, and executed. The result- we created an entertaining short film that is sure to be a filmfestival hit. Thanks for your interest and support of GERALD. We hope thatyou enjoy the film and are truly inspired. Best,Film Director, Owner Jnine Media Jenn Shaw
  • 3. THE FILM      GERALD  is  a  uniquely  comedic  short  film  about  an  uninspired  guy  exisng  in  an  unevenHul  world.  Geralds  job  is  very  much  like  everything  else  in  his  life  and  his  co-­‐worker  Kevin  is  both  annoying  and  overbearing.  Geralds  life  consists  of  lonely  nights  and  TV  dinners.  One  day,  he  discovers  a  red  balloon  with  an  eerie  message  aSached:  Change  My  Mind’.  Purpose  has  renewed  his  vigor  and  his  desire  to  locate  the  sender  of  this  message  takes  him  on  a  twisted  journey  that  will  change  Gerald  and  his  outlook  on  life.    Starring:  Jason  Yachanin  (GERALD),  Josh  Rasiel  (KEVIN)      Genre:  Dark  Comedy  Runme:  18:46  LA  Premiere:  INDIE  FEST  USA    August  18th,  2012      PRIVATE  SCREENING  LINK:  WWW.JNINEMEDIA.COM/GERALD    
  • 4. ON THE SET          
  • 5. THE TEAM  Director:  Jenn  Shaw    Writer:  Rosario  Pellerito    Execuve  Producers:  Frankie  Nasso  and  Jenn  Shaw  Producer:  Mark  Santana  Associate  Producer  :Ashan  Ishakarah    Director  of  Photography:  Kay  Hung    Editors:  Jess  Orsburn  and  Clifon  Pugh      Producon  Companies:  Jnine  Media  LLC.  in  partnership  with  Nova  Entertainment            
  • 6. BIOS   DIRECTOR/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Jenn Shaw is a director and producer with several years of experience working for companies such as MTV, BBC, Co Collective, and Uniworld Group. Her most recent short film “Gerald” was selected fro Indie Fest USA 2012.   Currently, she is working on her first feature film titled “The Nite Spot” for a   2013 production. She is the owner of Jnine Media and you can see more of her   work on She holds a film and TV degree from NYU, Tisch   School of the Arts.   WRITER: Jerod Brennen has been an active screenwriter for the past seven (7) years, independently producing and directing a number of my own short scripts. One of his short scripts, Bait, was selected to be produced by Steven de Souza (Die Hard) as part of his Unknown Sender web series (season two).  On the feature front, his fantasy action thriller script Contract placed second overall in Script Doctor Erics 2010 Screenplay Competition, and my horror feature script Bump was a finalist in the 2011 Script-a-thon competition. The director of the Bump short film is currently negotiating a production deal based on the feature script.
  • 7. THE COMPANY  Jnine Media LLC is a creative and dynamic independent new media, TV, and filmproduction consulting company with over 6 years of experience . Jnine Media LLC islocated in New York City with clients in Los Angeles, the mecca of the movie andentertainment industry. Numerous independent projects have been produced anddeveloped under supervision of founder, Jenn Shaw. See below to learn more aboutthe various production services we offer, including our past, present, and upcomingfilm, TV, and commercial projects. -Contract (Directors, Producers, DPs, Web Developers, and Art Directors )#-New Media Consulting#-Television Content Development#-Film Creative and Line Production Consulting The goal is to create and/or help execute “thinking outside the screen” projects. Jenn Shaw has worked with companies such as MTV, BBC, Showtime Networks,Tribal DDB, Uniworld Group.#As always, we’re developing our products from inception to final post- production butthere’s much, much more…
  • 8.   Definion:  Without  companions;  lone.  b.  Characterized  by  GERALD   aloneness;  solitary.  2.  Unfrequented  by  people;  desolate:   a  lonely  crossroads.         Directed by: Jenn Shaw
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