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Roadside Assistance with Bajaj Allianz

by bajaj-allianz





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Do you worry about being stranded on the road due to a vehicular breakdown? Bajaj Allianz offers a Spot Assistance service that comes to your aid in such situations - anywhere, anytime!* Watch the presentation to learn more about this service.

*Conditions apply
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  • 1. Roadside Assistance We’re with you as you drive
  • 2. 24x7 A national support system for drivers in difficulties on the road Start-to-End A customer-oriented total solution for any vehicular emergency from simple breakdowns to accidents Valuable, Safety-first Service Especially when it comes to the security of our female customers WHY CHOOSE US
  • 3. IF YOU’RE STUCK ON THE ROAD, be it night or day, we find you, solve your car problems and get you moving again WHY CHOOSE US
  • 4. If you’ve had an accident, we help you with WHY CHOOSE US PAPER WORK LEGAL ADVICE MEDICAL AID
  • 5. If the insured vehicle has not reached a workshop, SPOT ASSISTANCE is provided within 100 KM of the centre point of a covered city. WHY CHOOSE US
  • 6. In case of an accident, a claim form/documentation and a spot survey Towing facility to the nearest Bajaj Allianz preferred workshop Assistance ANYWHERE to jump start (if the battery was drained out) solutions to fuel problems, spare key delivery, repair of flat tyres, other minor & technical repairs WHY CHOOSE US
  • 7. Urgent message relays via phone or SMS to relatives/ specified people Fuel refills upto 3 litres of petrol/ diesel (chargeable) Assistance in locating an emergency medical centre Taxi Service anywhere upto 50KM from the spot where the insured was immobilized WHY CHOOSE US
  • 8. Accommodation benefits - overnight stay @ Rs. 1,000 / day per occupant, if the accident was within 100km of the centre of the covered city AND >12 hours of repair required of the insured vehicle, from the time of reporting the incident In case of an accident, legal advice of up to 30 minutes via phone WHY CHOOSE US
  • 9. We have a Reliable Nationwide Network, Reachable by a Single Toll-free number 1800-103-5858 WHY CHOOSE US
  • 10. WHY CHOOSE US We value your personal safety as well as your vehicle’s safety We have equipment & service experts who meet international standards We are proactive, professional as well as caring
  • 11. WHY CHOOSE US We are proactive, professi onal and caringQuite simply, if you are in trouble on the road, we will get you out of it!
  • 12. youtube.come/user/jiyobefikar Interested in 24x7 Spot Assistance? CLICK HERE to buy now!
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