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Introducing the Goodreads Author Program

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  • Introducing the Goodreads Author Program
  • 44,000 Goodreads Authors including bestsellers Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coelho, Margaret Atwood, Kathryn Stockett, and John Irving Meg Cabot Jim Butcher Michael Connelly Lisa See Goodreads Author Program A free tool designed to help authors reach their target audience–passionate readers.
  • Features of the Author Program A special profile complete with all of your books The option to sync your blog to your Goodreads profile An author dashboard with stats, widgets, helpful links & more Help readers discover your book with giveaways, advertising, and excerpts Meet readers in panel discussions & groups
  • Make your profile a destination for readers Add your blog, events & videos
  • Promote your books Advance copy giveaways generate pre-release buzz Inexpensive ads provide a great boost Meet readers in groups and book clubs & connect around a shared interest or passion The average giveaway attracts about 825 entries. Many of those who enter will add your book to their to-read list, win or lose. Giveaways with self-serve ads attract 56% more entries than giveaways without ads. Goodreads features more than 20,000 book clubs and thousands of other groups about nearly every subject imaginable.
  • Your goal should be to get reviews, especially early in the life of your book. Reviews help new readers discover your book They help readers decide to read your book Goodreads reviews work harder for you Each time a Goodreads member reviews a book or adds a book to their shelves, their friends see that activity in their updates feed. When someone lands on your book page and sees no reviews, they are less likely to add your book than if they see multiple reviews. Goodreads syndicates reviews to ecommerce sites and library sites, as well as Many Goodreads members post their reviews to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Tips for a successful giveaway Schedule your giveaway 3 months pre-publication Give away 10-20 copies of your book Run your giveaway for a month Bonus Tip: Use the Giveaway Widget to drive interest in your giveaway
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  • Self-serve advertising reaches just the right readers. Target fans of a genre or of similar authors Add a call to action like “Add to my shelf!” Giveaways with ads attract 56% more entries than giveaways without ads If you have a budget of more than $5,000 to spend on your ads, please contact our ad team directly. For advertising best practices, click here.
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  • A panel discussion allows new readers to meet you.
  • Measure your success Track how many people add your book and mark it ‘to-read’
  • Ready to get started? First, join the Author Program Now, how about trying a giveaway? To claim your author profile, sign into Goodreads, then search for one of your books. Click on your name as it appears beneath the title to view the author profile. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click "Is this you?" to send a request to join the Author Program. If you search for your book and don’t find it, it is not yet in the Goodreads database. In which case, you’ll need to manually add it. Click here to get the buzz going for your book!
  • Want more info? See the Author Program how-to page for helpful tips on running a great giveaway, interacting with readers, and much more. Or feel free to contact us.
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