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  1. 1. - 1 - PRINCESS POLLY BRAND AMBASSADOR PILOT PROGRAM: Sorority Stylists Princess Polly, the go-to Australian fashion boutique for trendsetting, fashion savvy girls, is expanding to America! We are calling on all fashion-obsessed sorority girls to participate in our brand ambassador pilot program to help spread the word and develop our Sorority Stylists program. ABOUT PRINCESS POLLY: In 2005, the first Princess Polly boutique opened, offering a handpicked selection of the hottest runway-inspired styles. It wasn’t long before word spread about Princess Polly and it quickly became the “it” store for girls in search of the perfect, on-trend outfit for every occasion. Five years later, the online boutique was created so that girls all over Australia and the world could have access to Princess Polly. SORORITY STYLIST PROGRAM: As we broaden our horizons, Princess Polly is reaching out to stylish sorority girls in the U.S. to help build awareness about our brand. We are looking to hire six Sorority Stylists at three different colleges to help us develop a brand ambassador program, and put us on the map as the online destination for killer outfits— think date parties, game days, rush, etc. As a Sorority Stylist, you will recieve clothing benefits and gain resumé-worthy marketing and Public Relations experience through sharing the Polly love within your college and Greek community. Instagram: @princesspollyboutique Facebook:
  2. 2. - 2 - WHO WE WANT: If you are in a sorority, have a talent for finding the best outfits for every occasion, are highly involved within your campus social life and want to gain experience in PR and marketing by helping us bring the independent Australian fashion scene to your school, then we want you! WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? • An internship with Princess Polly as a Sorority Stylist. As you are part of our pilot program, you will gain the unique experience of assisting us in the formulation of our Official U.S. Marketing Strategy, which will look AMAZING on your resume! • An initial online web credit of $150 to spend on an outfit of your choice to style and love, plus an additional $150 web credit per month and achievement- based rewards • An exclusive 15% discount code to offer your sorority and additional 10% discount code to offer other sororities and students at your college. • A monthly giveaway prize for one lucky girl at your sorority. • Extensive experience in Public Relations, Brand Marketing and Promotion. WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE ENTAIL? • Attending Monday meetings for your sorority and also paying visits to the other sororities at your college to spread the word about Princess Polly promotions and events. You will be required make one announcement per semester at each sorority in your favorite Princess Polly outfit. We will give you guidelines about what to say and you will be supplied with some promotional handouts. • Each month you will host a $100 gift voucher giveaway for one lucky girl in your sorority to use at princesspolly. com. In order to enter, the girls will need to supply you with their email address so that we can add them to our Polly Mail recipient list. • You will be required to provide a list of at least three events per semester where you could host a Princess Polly stall/table. At the table you will have promotional handouts and 10% off cards to use at the Princess Polly store online. • Reporting weekly to our Marketing Assistant, giving feedback by answering questions that will be sent out to at the beginning of the week. • Corresponding with our Marketing Assistant on how things are going for you. We really want you to be on board with the whole process and we encourage you to be forward with your ideas and share with us anything you think would be of benefit in this campaign! • We also want you to seek out any marketing opportunities that you recognize within your college and sorority! If you know of any Instagram or Facebook superstars from your local area, let us know and we can look at sponsorship with them!
  3. 3. - 3 - APPLY HERE! Please complete the below form and return to by Wednesday, October 8th, 2014. Full Name: Preferred Name/Nickname: Date of Birth: Email Address: College: Sorority: Major: Expected Graduation Year: Facebook link: Instagram: Do you have your own blog/website that you would like us to check out? Please include links: Describe two unique events that you would like to plan and execute as a brand ambassador: TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF! How would you describe your style? Who are your fashion icons? What are your favorite places to find fashion inspiration? (3 minimum) What are your favorite trends of the moment? (2 minimum)
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