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Sorority Row HMWK

by ogden7722





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  • 1. Sorority Row was released on September9, 2009 and earned $5,059,802 in it’sopening weekend.It was produced by House RowProductions, Karz Entertainment andSummit Entertainment.It had a budget of $16,000,000 and hasearned over $27,000,000 at the boxoffice.
  • 2. Summit Entertainment Summit Entertainment produces films such as Step Up 3D, Twilight,Man on a Ledge, The Hurt Locker and Warm Bodies. Summit Entertainment is a subsidiary of Lions Gate Entertainment.
  • 3. Marketing Campaign.Sorority Row used Facebook to advertisethe release of the film and had a seriesof TV Spots. It has received over132,000 likes, suggesting that it was asuccessful marketing move. SororityRow is R rated in the US by MPAA, andthis has been suggested as a reason forit’s success, as at the end of trailers itstated that the film was strong for“Bloody Violence, nudity and partying”,which is sounds interesting to youngaudiences. They also created agruesome “Theta Pi” game on Facebookwhich involved throwing tire irons atpeople to kill them as another marketingdevice.
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