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Sorority row analysis2

by ogden7722





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  • 2. This is a long shot usedThis is a high angle shot to illustrate the fact that showing the characters looking they are in a secludeddown into a mine shaft. This s a location, which isway of showing that they have conventional of horrorobviously thrown the dead films. The particular person into the mine shaft. The location is ancircle of light surrounded by abandoned mine, which darkness signifies death and the creates a light/darkness is a contrast of harsh, dangerouslife and death. setting as opposed to a secluded meadow.This is a similarshot, showing a tire ironMid shot showing manfalling towards the cameraabout to stab the womenand down the mineshaft.with the tire iron. ThisThis signifies the end ofsignifies he is going to killher, but she is onlythe scene and finality ofthe incident within thepretending to be dead, butstory. The shot is also usedhe doesn’t know this. Thisto cut to another scenecreates a situation where afurther along in the story.prank has gonewrong, ending in disaster. Itis conventional of a horrorfilm that someone innocentdies. It is also a significantshot as it is the moment thatthe situation turns bad.
  • 3. The scene on the left cuts to the scene on theright, and shows that the girl on the right isn’t ashappy as her friends on the left and is standingalone, away from them. This signifies that she is stillmourning the incident and is a subtle way of showingthat she is the key character in the film.The scene on the left cuts to the scene on the right.In the first scene there is diegetic sound as the phonerings. In the second scene there is multiple diegeticringing to show that all of the girls have received thesame text. This signifies a turn in the story and thebeginning of the main horror of the film. Multiplephones ringing is a convention used to create a senseof fear as there is someone teasing them .The three shots above cut from left to right and show the first killing in the film, andwhat the killer looks like. It is conventional of horror films to show a small piece ofthe killer, as obviously the killer will not be revealed until the end of the film. It isalso conventional of horror films that an alcoholic in the film gets punished, in thiscase by murder. The scene goes from serene to instant violence, which shows theaudience and is also a convention of horror films. The First to second shots are aneye line match from the women looking at the killer this is also conventional, as thefilm would be boring if the victims never saw the killer.
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