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Sayem Sobhan Anvir Boi Sayem Sobhan Anvir Bio Sayem Sobhan Anvir:  Sayem Sobhan Anvir is the first Managing Director of Bashundhara Group, one of the largest businesses industries in Bangladesh. Bashundhara Group is mainly renowned for its real estate business. On other hand it has more than 50 sister concerns, such as- media,heavy steel and engineering support, food and beverage, paper and pulping, alternative source of energy, maritime transport, information technology, excavation and dredging, vocational and health education, utility service supplement etc.   Sayem Sobhan is not only the first one but also the youngest Managing Director of Bashundhara Group. After completing his Graduation from American International University in London, he was selected for this honorable position. He successfully achieved his Bachelor in Business Administration in 2001. In same year honorable Chairperson of Bashundhara Group Mr. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan decleared him as the Managing Director of Bashundhara Group. From pre-school to advance level of study Sayem made it from United Kingdom. He is a student of King’s School in Ely, Cambridge shire.   For the great contribution in socio-economical sector of Bangladesh Sayem Sobhan Anvir is the leading one. As recognition of the contribution Bangladesh Government declared him Commercially Important Person or CIP. Sayem Sobhan Anvir also conferred US Congressional Recognition in 2011 for his achievement in strengthening business ties between Bangladesh and the United States. In 2006, Sayem Sobhan was awarded with many prizes in International Tread Fair, including with ‘Best-Stall Trophy’.   Sayem Sobhan Anvir’s birth day is 31st January, 1981. He has three more siblings. Name of his mother is Afroza Begum and father is Honorable Ahmed Akbar Sobhan. He got married with Sabrina Sobhan. He became Managing Director at the age of 20.  Sayem Sobhan Anvir’s hard labor, honesty, sincere dedication for work and most importantly strong commitment give a new and spontaneous direction to Bashundhara Group of Industries. For his contribution and delicateness of business workings Sayem Sobhan got Business membership from many of recognized associations. Some of them are- Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (MCCI), SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industries.  Besides this Sayem Sobhan also have a SAARC membership.  In business client dealing is very much important. Sayem Sobhan Anvir’s client dealing capability is surprisingly excellent. He had to visit USA, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, Nepal , Saudi Arabia UAE, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Canada, Egypt, Australia and  many other countries of the world for the purpose of client and business dealing.  
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