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Samsung Report

by namju-lee





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Transcript 1 LOGO Samsung Home Theater ³Imagine´ Samsung ³Imagine´ PRESENETED TO Shazif Iqbal 3 Group Members 1 2 3 4 5 M. Asim Riaz Khuram Shahzad Awais Naeem Shakeel Anjum Abrar Hussain Samsun ³Ima ine´ 083159 083268 083158 083277 083109 www.samsun .com 4 Contents Samsung ³Imagine´ Company History and Profile Company Environment Segmentation Marketing Mix Conclusion 5 History 19381938-1969 Samsung ³Imagine´ 19701970-1979 Samsung¶s beginnings founding chairman Byung-Chull Lee started a business in Taegu, Korea, with 30,000 won. Diversifying in Industries and Electronics samsung laid the strategic foundations for its future growth by investing in the chemical, and petrochemical industries. 19801980-1989 19901990-93 Entering the Global Marketplace SAMSUNG's core technology businesses diversified and expanded globally during the late 1970s and early 1980s Competing in a Changing Tech World The early 1990s presented tremendous challenges for high-tech businesses. 6 History (Cont¶d) 19941994-1996 Samsung ³Imagine´ 19971997-1999 Becoming a Global Force SAMSUNG revolutionized its business thr ough a dedication to making world-class pr oducts, providing total customer satisfaction Advancing the Digital Frontier Despite of financial crisis samsung continued growing due to its concentration in electronics and related services 20002000-2008 Present Pioneering the Digital Age To continue with trend of digital age samsung has responded With the techno-logies, competitive products and constant innovation Present Samsung is continuing its winning journey by positioning itself as one of the world's recognized leaders in the digital technology industry. 7 Product Mix Samsung ³Imagine´ Mobile phones Computers & Peripherals Business Product Televisions Printers & Multifunction Telicommunication Audio and Video Home Appliances Set Top Box 8 Social welfare programs Samsung ³Imagine´  Samsung engages in all the activities that enhance the quality of life for its neighbours, childeren and low income people by funding community programs that address economic, social and cultural needs  Since 1999, for five consecutive years, SAMSUNG has donated 10 million dollars each year to help and care for the needy people in our society. Especially, SAMSUNG donated 20 million dollars in 2004. 9 Macro environment forces Samsung ³Imagine´ Economic SocioSocio-cultural Demographic Natural PoliticalPolitical-legal Technological 10 Corporate Strategic Planning Samsung ³Imagine´ Intensive Growth Integrative Growth Diversification Diversification 11 Strategic Alliance Samsung ³Imagine´ Strategic Alliance Promotional Alliance Samsung has promotional alliance with the phone tel Pvt. Limited, which directly promote its products Logistic Alliance It has logistic alliance with the DWP group 12 SWOT Analysis S ³I i e´ S STRENGTH Unique resources that company possess or activities that it does well W O T THREAT Negative trends in the external environment WEAKENESS OPPORTUNITY Resources that company does not have or things that it does not do well Positive trends in the external environment www. .co 13 SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGHTS: Samsung ³Imagine´       Catching the pulse of the consumer Brand name Focus on innovative products for high end R&D department Tapping into youth Vertical integration Weakness: Not proactively comming out with newer models 14 SWOT ANALYSIS (Cont¶d) Samsung ³Imagine´ Opportunity:  Offer product variations  Distinguish its services from competitors Threats:  Energy crisis in Pakistan  Political instablity  Aggressive competitors like sony, LG  Ability of others to copy design (LG) 15 Competitors Sa s n ³I a ine´     Sony LG Philips Toshiba s n .co 16 Level of Market Segmentation Samsung ³Imagine´ Segment Marketing Segment Marketing Nich Marketing Local Marketing Individual Marketing 17 Segmenting Consumer Market S ³I i e´ GEOGRAPHIC DEMOGRAPHC PCYCHOGRAPHIC BEHAVIORAL ‡Regions ‡Cities ‡Nations ‡Countries ‡States ‡Age ‡Family size ‡Gender ‡Income ‡Ocupation ‡Income ‡Lifestyle ‡Personality ‡Values ‡Occasions ‡Benifits ‡User status ‡Usage rate ‡Loyality status www. .co 18 Buying Situations Samsung ³Imagine´ Straight Rebuy samsung makes some of the decisions in straight rebuy through a approved list of business suppliers New Task Most of the decisions are made in the new task by offering open tenders to suppliers for its supplies 19 Marketing Mix Samsung ³Imagine´ Samsung home theater system Product Promotion Place Brand name Features Quality Packing Labelling Advertising Sales promotion Public relation Personel selling Direct marketing Price Retail outlets Company outlets List price Discount price 20 Busines Unit Strategic Planning Samsung ³Imagine´ Differentiation A Cost leadership Strategy B Differentiation Startegy C Focus Strategy 21 Creating Brand Equity Samsung ³Imagine´ 1 Samsung has created a strong brand around innovation, cutting edge technology and world class design. 2 In a survey of the top 100 global brands, Business Week & Inter brand Consultancy have valued Samsung brand at $14.9 billion in 2005, making it the world's topmost consumer electronics brand, a position long held by more entrenched player Sony. 3 Our 20th rank in the Top 100 Global brands is a testimony of the transtrans-formation the company has undergone in the last few years. 22 Product S ³I i e´ HTHT-TX715T HT-TX725 HT- HTHT-TZ315 HTHT-Z220 www. .co HT-TZ225 HT23 Product (Cont¶d) S ³I i e´ HTHT-TZ312T HT-TZ425 HT- HTHT-WS1R HTHT-X810T www. .co HTHT-Z110T 24 Advertisement S ³I i e´ www. .co 25 Differenciation Strategy Samsung ³Imagine´ Image Personnel Product Samsung differentiates its products from its competitors in terms of cutting edge technology and world class design. More than a quarter of all Samsung employees² 42,000 people² work everyday in research and development, and we expect that number to surpass 50,000 by 2010. Samsung has crafted an innovative image in the minds of the consumers 26 Competitive Strategies Market Challenger Samsung ³Imagine´ Defence Strategies Market leader Position Defence ‡Flank ‡Preemptive ‡Counterofensive ‡Mobile ‡Contraction ‡ Market Follower Strategies Counterfeiter ‡Cloner ‡Imitator ‡Adapter ‡ Challenger Follower Nicher Marke Nicher 27 Price Samsung ³Imagine´ Product 5.1 channel HTS Home theatre system DVD home theater Upgrade your TV's sound Power and performance Home theatre surround 5.1 channel satellite speakers Single disc sound system Model HT-TX715T HT-X810T HT-Z121T HT-WS1R HT-TZ225 HT-TZ312T HT-Z210T HT-Z110T Price 42,900 44,900 10,900 24,900 18,900 17,900 12,900 9,900 28 Place Samsung ³Imagine´ Macro Cash &Carry Matro Cash &Carry Lahore Hyperstar Abid Market Samsung outlets HKB Hall road 29 Outlets Samsung ³Imagine´  16 all over the pakistan  10 in lahore 30 Promotion Mix Advertising Samsung¶s desired image Samsung ³Imagine´ A Direct marketing E Promotion mix B Sales promotion Public relations D C Personel selling 31 Advertisement Samsung ³Imagine´ 32 Conclusion  Over 70 years dedicated in making better world through diverse business  Leads the world market in high tech electronics, mft and digital media  Through its innovative, reliable products and services, talented people, a responsible approach to business, samsung is taking the world in imaginative new directions. Samsung ³Imagine´ 33 LOGO ³Imagine´
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