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Promoting the Philippine Postal Corporation-United States Postal Service

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Philippine Postal Corporation Promoting the Philippine Postal Corporation-United States Postal Service Remittance Project 8th Empowerment Conference of the NaFFAA at the Westin Hotel in Seattle, Washington NaFFAA: National Federation of Filipino-American Associations  NaFFAA - an organization of most active Fil-Am leaders in the United States  Founders include Alex Esclamado, publisher emeritus, Philippine News; Loida Nicolas Lewis, global business leader and lawyer; Greg Macabenta, advertising and publishing executive; Rodel Rodis, lawyer, former City College of SF Voice of 4.4 M FilAms in US  NaFFAA – loud voice fighting for Fil-Ams all over the United States  2007 Census: 3.4 million Fil-Ams  Wikepedia: 4.4 million Fil-Ams  Fil-Ams annual income: $30 Billion (Equivalent to Philippine National Government Budget of P1.27 Trillion)  Annual Remittance to RP - $7 to $8 B, more than half of OFW remittance around the world  PPC Board of Directors approved NaFFAA: Key to Success of PPC-USPS Remittance Project participation of PostGen and CEO Hector RR Villanueva and Director Alfred Gabot to NaFFAA Seattle Conference upon request by the PostGen Participation approved by CICT Chairman Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua III Rationale: Cheapest way to promote project; one-time sitting in one place; instead of going around all over U.S. Philpost-USPS Bilateral Agreement on Money Transfer Signed  Promotion of upcoming remittance project in keeping with PPC-USPS Bilateral Agreement on International Money Transfer signed by Chairman F. Loyola for PPC and Senior Vice President Paul Vogel of USPS in Washington D.C. on July 21, 2008 Target Implementation and Launch in US: December Fast, Safe, Sure & Cheap Remittance Project  Philpost-USPS agreement calls for fast, safe, sure and cheap post office-to post office, post office-tobank, post office-to-client remittance service Project in keeping with President Arroyo’s order to bring down remittance fees for OFWs Project supported by CICT, DFA NaFFAA Support Assured  Participation of Philpost at NaFFAA Conference in Seattle ensured Fil-Am leaders support to project  NaFFAA co-founder, chair emeritus Loida Nicolas Lewis endorsed project, especially so because Filipinos in far-flung areas will be served  Outgoing NaFFAA chair Alma Q. Kern and new chair Greg Macabenta hailed PPC, USPS  NaFFAA leaders in East Coast led by Ernesto Ramos, Midwest led by Other Groups Support Project  Groups within and outside NaFFAA all-out for PPC-USPS project  These include Doctors for Peace led by Dr. Juan Montero (Virginia); educators led by C. C. “Mel” Alfarero of International Graduate University, Washington D.C.; city governments led by Victoria Galinato of Seattle City Government  Fil-Am Publishers and Editors want project like the biggest, Roger Oriel (Asian Journal of New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas), George Nervez (Filipino Guardian), Sluggo Rigor (Fil-Am Bulletin), Rey Fortaleza (Philippines News Today), Libertito Pelayo (Filipino Reporter), Val Abelgas (Ang Peryodiko), Marilyn King (Philippines Today), Francis Espiritu (Philippine News), Greg Macabenta (Filipinas Magazine) and others RP Consul Generals AllOut  All the Philippine Consul Generals in the United States expressed support to Philpost-USPS remittance project  They are Minister Domingo P. Nolasco (RP Embassy in Washington D.C.), Cecilia Rebong (New York), Blesila C. Cabrera (Chicago), Mary Jo Aragon (Los Angeles), Ariel Abadilla (Hawaii) and Antonio Morales (Deputy CG, San Francisco)  Earlier, Ambassador Willy Gaa, Minister Patricia Paez, Minister Danilo Sorreta and Consul Angelito Nayan endorsed the project Promotion Ways & Campaign  Information and Promotions Drive backed by 1,000 copies of full-color “Philippine Postal Corporation Agenda” Newsletter highlighting PostGen and CEO Hector Villanueva personally carried and distributed by PPC Director Alfred Gabot  Person-to-person and group-by-group City of Seattle Campaign  The info and promotions campaign not confined to NaFFAA conference at Westin Hotel  Campaign carried in Seattle through the city government, Filipino community, including Choy Alas, former president of the Philippine Postal Savings Bank, and Fil-Am educators and historians like Fred Cordova of the Filipino-American Historical Society San Francisco, Daly City, San Jose  Campaign not limited to Seattle  On the way to Seattle and after Seattle, awareness campaign also started in the Fil-Am community of San Francisco, Daly City, the Filipino town; San Jose, San Bruno, Milpitas, Colma, Burlingame, Palo Alto, Vallejo, Redwood City and others  Post office, remittance center visits also made in San Francisco and Seattle Tribute to Carlos Bulosan  The NaFFAA Conference also a Tribute to Carlos S. Bulosan, pioneer Filipino workers’ union organizer (ILWU Local 37) and minority rights fighter, and famous Filipino novelist (America is in the Heart), essayist (Freedom from Want), short story writer (The Laughter of My Father), poet (Chorus of America), publisher, editor, and journalist in America  As a grandson and lone relative of Carlos Bulosan present and acknowledged at the Conference, NaFFAA waived my conference fee of $195 Mission Accomplished  Remittance Project also publicized in Filipino Reporter, Filipino Express, Ang Peryodiko, Asian Journal, Philippines Today, Philippine News and others and aired over The Filipino Channel (TFC)  The millions of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans in the United States are now in great anticipation of the start of the Philpost-USPS Remittance Project which APMG Liza Tungol says will bring millions of pesos in revenues to Philpost.  Thank you for your time to listen  Mission accomplished!
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