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Health Care: Obama vs. Romney

by bheidkamp





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  • 1. Health Care Kayla Collins, Teagan Hoyne, Keith Rogalla
  • 2. Why Are Americans Concerned About The Issue ?Americans are concernedabout not having health carebecause, not everybody canafford it. For Example, ifsomeone has a sick childwith a pre-existingcondition, and they cant betaken care of, it can put theChilds life in danger.
  • 3. Obama’s Belief On The Issue …• Providing Security To Working Families : Low class people don’t have to worry about loosing or paying when they are sick or injured• Young People And Health Reform : Minor adults are able to stay under their parents health insurance plans up until the age of 26• Children And Health Reform : Children with pre existing conditions can now get help right away when needed• Strengthening Medicare : Will save money on prescription drugs and 47 million Medicare beneficiaries now have access to free health services• Small Business And Health Reform : Businesses are now able to tax for credit to help pay for their health care premiums ( Barack Obama )
  • 4. Actions Obama’s Going To Take..Will allow allAmericans to haveaccess to affordablehealth insurance nomatter what the
  • 5. Romney’s Belief On The Issue …• He wants to put in a plan to give the states the power to put in their on plan on health care• He wants to limit federal standards and requirements on private insurance and medicated coverage• He doesnt believe in Obama Care ( Candidate- Comparison )
  • 6. Actions Romneys Going To Take …•Get rid of Obama Care•End tax discrimination against the individual of health care•Block grant medicated and other payments to the states( Candidate-comparision )
  • 7. Romney’s Quote :• “ I came out with a, unlike his that doesnt a trillion dollars. Un like his we didnt raise taxes I didn’t cut Medicare by half a trillion dollars, unlike his, my plan is constitutional “ ( Candidate-comparison)
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