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Fraternity & Sorority

by marlie





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Fraternity & Sorority . Packet Assessment Fall 2013. Academics. 1.) Chapter GPA. 2.) New Member GPA. 3.) Academic Support. 3.1) Chapter has scholarship chair. 3.2) Chapter recognizes/awards academic performance. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity & Sorority Packet Assessment Fall 2013 Academics 1.) Chapter GPA 2.) New Member GPA 3.) Academic Support 3.1) Chapter has scholarship chair 3.2) Chapter recognizes/awards academic performance 3.3) Chapter has programs/supports members with Semester GPAs under the All Men's/Women's GPA 3.4) Chapter has minimum New Member GPA requirement relative to the All Men's/Women's GPA 3.5) Chapter has minimum Semester GPA for active members relative to the All Men's/Women's GPA 3.6) Chapter withholds privileges from members with GPAs under their minimum standards 3.7) Chapter has academic enhancement program 3.8) Chapter Completes Center for Academic Success Programming Series Chapter Management 1.) Public Relations 1.1) Chapter produces material aligned with its core values 1.2) Chapter uses youtube, facebook, google +, twitter in a positive way 1.3) Chapter maintains all locations it uses 1.4) Chapter engages their off-campus Neighbors in a positive way 1.5) Chapter has read and distributed Ewing Township Good Neighbor Packet to members 2. )Risk Management 2.1) F&S Conduct Violations (Alcohol, Failure to Comply, Hazing, Fabrication of Activities, etc.) 2.2) Risk Management Program 2.3) Chapter is sponsor or co-sponsor 2.4) Event was time appropriate 2.5) Chapter has code of conduct 2.6) Chapter has a risk management policy 2.65) Chapter utilizes a risk reduction model of hosting events: 1 point per outline 2.7) Chapter submits Insurance Certificate 2.8) Chapter has full copy of Insurance Policy on File 2.9) Chapter has at least 5% of its members TIPS certified 2.10) Chapter has crisis management plan 2.11) Chapter has a self-regulated membership accountability process (standards board, honor council, etc.) 3.) Chapter Operations 3.1) Executive board holds semester planning retreat 3.2) Chapter attends Assessment Packet Training 3.3) Exec Board used transitioning program 3.4) Chapter attends Presidents Training 3.5) Chapter attends Emerging Leadership Workshop 3.6) Chapter complies with all other F&SL Deadlines, Directives, and Policies not listed within the Assessment Program 4.) Governing Council 4.1) Representative attends IGC meetings 4.2) Chapter attends all required Council events 4.3) Chapter Attends IFC/Panhell/UGC Meetings 4.4) Chapter is current with all Council Dues: 1 point each 4.5) Chapter members apply for council positions: 1 point each 4.6) Council applies for NGLA/AFLV awards 4.7) Council sends officers to NON-TCNJ Leadership Development Programs 4.8) Council sends officers to TCNJ Leadership Development Programs 5.) Inter/National & Regional Affiliations 5.1) Current with National Dues 5.2) Applies for National Awards - 1 point each 5.3) Receive National Award - 2 points each 5.4) National/Regional Representative meets with Dave Conner 5.5) Apply for LGLC Awards: 1 point each 5.6) Receive LGLC Awards: 1 point each 5.7) Attend LGLC 6.) Advisor Involvement 6.1 Alumni Advisor attends chapter meetings: 1 point each 6.2) Faculty/Staff advisor attends chapter meetings 6.3) Faculty/Staff Advisor is an initiated member of the organization 6.4) Advisor attends social function 1 point each 6.5) Advisor attends FSL Advisor Meetings: 2 each 6.6) Chapter president meets bi-weekly with F&S Advisor or Council President 6.7) Chapter has a Chapter Advisory Board 6.8) Chapter advisor meets with Dave Conner Member Development 1.) Leadership Development 1.1) National, Local, Regional Leadership Training 1.2) Chapter is sponsor or co-sponsor of program 1.3) Event was time appropriate 2.) Healthy Living and Wellness 2.1) Chapter attending events 2.2) Chapter is sponsor or co-sponsor of program 2.3) Event was time appropriate 3.) New Member Development 3.1) New Member Educator particiaptes in CAS training program 3.2) New Member Education program is approved by Chapter Advisor 3.3) New Member Educator meets with Assistant Director F&S 3.4) Chapter maintains entire new member class 3.5) New Members Attend Chapter Meetings 3.6) New Members go to Chapter Events 3.7) Chapter congratulates New Member Parents /Families 4.) Multicultural Programming 4.1) Chapter attending events 4.2) Chapter is sponsor or co-sponsor of program 4.3) Event was time appropriate 5.) Professional/Career Development 5.1) Chapter attending events 5.2) Chapter is sponsor or co-sponsor of program 5.3) Event was time appropriate 6.) Self-Understanding and Spirituality 6.1) Chapter attending events 6.2) Chapter is sponsor or co-sponsor of program 6.3) Event was time appropriate 7.) Membership Education & Development 7.1) Chapter knows creed/motto 7.2) Chapter knows history 7.3) Chapter lives its values: 1 point per example 7.4) Chapter hosts brotherhood/sisterhood building activities: 5 each 7.5) Chapter uses values Based Recruitment Methods: 1 each 7.6) Chapter makes Green Dots: 2 each 7.7) Chapter provides a membership intellect development program Community Involvement 1.) Participation in College Events 1.1) Chapter attends college events 1.2) Chapter Participates in Relay for Life 1.3) Chapter Participates in LollaNoBooza 1.4) Chapter Participates in Community Fest 1.5) Chapter Participates in Homecoming Spirit Week 1.6) Percentage of members involved in other co-curricular activities: 1.7) Members are Ambassadors, CAs, CSB, SFB, or SG: 1 per member 1.8) Chapter (or chapter members) are recognized at TCNJ Student Leadership Awards 2.) Community Service 2.1) Chapter attends community servie events 2.2) Chapter is also sponsor or co-sponsor 2.3) Event was time appropriate 3. Philanthropy 3.1) Chapter attends philanthropy events 3.2) Chapter is also sponsor or co-sponsor 3.3) Event was time appropriate 4.) Fraternity & Sorority Community 4.1) Participate in other chapters' events: 1 per event 4.2) Chapter Participates/Supports Greek Week 4.3) Step Show Participation/Support 4.4) Chapter sponsors alcohol-free social event: 3 per event 4.5) Chapter Leadership Attends the President's Ball: 1 per member 4.6) Chapter Hosts F&S Roundtable 5.) Alumni Relations 5.1) Chapter conducts event with alumni (Plural) 5.2) Chapter communicates with alumni
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