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Slides That Rock

by slides-that-rock





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How to create Slides That Rock. Our 5 design principles. Rock your audience!
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  • How to create SLIDES that rockBY SLIDES THAT ROCK
  • Our five DESIGN principlesBY SLIDES THAT ROCK
  • 1 YourMESSAGE
  • What do you want yourAUDIENCEto remember afterwards? 5
  • Most of us only remember3 THINGS so get focused!
  • Pick the 3 mostCRITICAL things 7
  • 2Keep itSIMPLE
  • Less isMORE
  • 1SlideMESSAGE
  • People should get your slide in3 SECONDS
  • 3 CoolFONTS
  • Standard fonts areBORING and overused
  • Times New Roman Arial Calibri Courier Comic Sans
  • You can doBETTER
  • Lobster Two Bebas NEUE Glode KorolevCantarell
  • Only use 2-3 differentSTYLESin each presentation
  • FREEresource
  • 4StunningIMAGES
  • Let peopleSEEyour message
  • UseQUALITYimages with meaning
  • FREEresource
  • 5AwesomeCOLORS
  • Pick a colorSCHEMEthat fits your theme
  • Use colors that workTogether
  • FREEresource
  • Our five DESIGN principlesBY SLIDES THAT ROCK
  • 1 2 3 Your Keep it CoolMESSAGE SIMPLE FONTS 4 5 Stunning Awesome IMAGES COLORS
  • GO audience!your ROCK
  • INSPIRED BY Nancy Duarte Carmine Gallo Steve Jobs Jesse Desjardins Emiland De CubberBY SLIDES THAT ROCK
  • SLIDES that @slidesthatrock
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