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Text Marketing VS Postal Service

by jake-jeffries





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The bout everyone has been waiting for, Text Marketing VS Postal Service! But who will win? To view the full infographic click on this link
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  • 1.textmessaging vs postalservices textmessaging vs postalservicesSavingMoney,BoostingResponse&GoingGreen We deliver. You save.
  • 2. Text Messaging VS Postal Service, BOLDCLAIMBOLDCLAIM Using the postal service? Here is how to save thousands, boost business and have stronger environmental credentials all at the same time.
  • 3. Text Messaging VS Postal Service, exampleexampleInsurance RenewalReminder Why spend 50p or more on a letter, stationery, time, postage costs etc. (not to mention valuable wood resources for the paper, fuel costs for the delivery, etc. etc.) When a simple 3.8p text message would suffice.
  • 4. Text Messaging VS Postal Service, use email? use email?3MainReasons AsAStarter... 1.1. 2.2. 3.3. Excessive spam has crippled trust in e-mail. Excessive ‘phishing’ or ‘scam’ e-mails means those who do receive emails will not click on them. People tend to print documents and therefore you end up with the same environmental paper cost.
  • 5. Text Messaging VS Postal Service, moneymoney How much money can you save using SMS Text Messaging in your business? Using SMS can boost your response rates, save huge amounts of money and be a more environmentally conscious company.
  • 6. Text Messaging VS Postal Service, using mail using mail Volume Mail Cost Response% Cost/Response 1,000 £500 2.5% £20 2,500 £1,250 2.5% £20 5,000 £2,500 2.5% £20 7,500 £3,750 2.5% £20 10,000 £5,000 2.5% £20 50,000 £25,000 2.5% £20 100,000 £50,000 2.5% £20
  • 7. Text Messaging VS Postal Service, usingsmsusingsms Volume SMS Cost Response% Cost/Response Saving compared to mail 1,000 £38 10.0% £0.38 £462 2,500 £95 10.0% £0.38 £1,155 5,000 £190 10.0% £0.38 £2,310 7,500 £285 10.0% £0.38 £3,465 10,000 £380 10.0% £0.38 £4,620 50,000 £1,900 10.0% £0.38 £23,100 100,000 £3,800 10.0% £0.38 £46,200
  • 8. Text Messaging VS Postal Service, how‘green’is itusingsms? how‘green’is itusingsms? How many trees could your business save? Volume Number of Trees Number of Trees Number of Trees for 1 Page A4 for 5 Page A4 for 10 Page A4 1,000 0.25 0.75 1.38 2,500 0.63 1.88 3.44 5,000 1.25 3.75 6.88 7,500 1.88 5.63 10.31 10,000 2.50 7.50 13.75 50,000 12.50 37.50 68.75 100,000 25.00 75.00 137.50
  • 9. Text Messaging VS Postal Service, sowhyisn’tyour businessusingsms sowhyisn’tyour businessusingsms Would you like to save a lot of money on your mailing/postage costs? Would you like to get a better response to your communications? Would you like be able to boost your environmental credentials? Would you like to communicate with your customers in a way they want to be communicated with?
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